A healthcare & wellness advertising agency with different ideas

A timeless formula that's been growing our clients' businesses for over 70 years

A timeless formula that's been growing our clients' businesses for over 70 years


We believe creativity is the most powerful force in Healthcare & Wellness

About us

DDB, three letters that sparkled a creative revolution

For he last 70 years, we have used creativity to drive growth for thousands of clients in hundreds of countries around the world-all by tapping into the power of human emotion.

“Playing it safe can be the most
dangerous thing in the world,
because you’re presenting people
with an idea they’ve seen before,
and you won’t have impact.” – Bill Bernbach

In DDB Health we use creativity – and creative technology – as a force for good health

6Offices accross the globe

+30PhDs, MDs, PharmDs, and RNs

+45Dedicated technology and digital staff

+200Talented creative and account people

We grow business by giving them an emotional advantage

Find something interesting to say and say it in an interesting way.” – Bill Bernbach

In a world of increasing complexity and change, we embrace an inconvenient truth: that human beings are unreasonable.

With this irrational group as our audience, we’ve learned that the best way to get people to do something, is to make them feel something: to Move Beyond Reason.

We use the power of creativity to create Emotion at Scale to help brands be more easily remembered and Emotion in Context to help brands be more easily chosen at the time of purchase.

Together, we can solve complex problems for doctors, patients, and brands

Our people are talented & nice

It’s simple

We work better when we’re around people who we respect professionally and enjoy personally.

We have incredible, inventive health people

We have a real digital-first outlook, and the work to show it.
We have brave clients that are innovators in their own right, making important, life-changing therapies.

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We are hungry to test our mettle on new and challenging things. We are comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. We are ready to take risks that advance the reputation of our clients.


We have an unquenchable thirst to understand the why’s of the world around us. We embrace new ideas, different ways of doing things, and diverse points of view.


We are authentically kind and gracious to others. We are generous with praise and constructive with feedback.
We are respectful to colleagues above, below and beside us. We practice compassion.


We have an unrelenting passion and an indomitable spirit. We have the strenght of character to put a stake in the ground and a tenacity and determination that never quits.